4 Reasons To Consider A Bilingual School

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4 Reasons To Consider A Bilingual School

7 December 2021
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If you are a parent, you likely want your child to have the best educational foundation. There are a number of obstacles families face in today's times. Some school districts have school zones, and this can impact the quality and types of learning available. 

Knowing how to speak more than one language has several benefits, and an early introduction to other languages can help pave the educational foundation for success. Unfortunately, access to dual language immersion is not readily available everywhere. This can create an obstacle for parents who want this type of learning experience for their children. Perhaps you want to know the benefits of a bilingual school and options for enrollment. The following points will address your concerns.

Diverse Culture Immersion

It can help children to learn about other cultures. This can prepare them for future opportunities in life. Their introduction to other cultures can benefit them later in life when they meet new people from other cultures. It will also equip them to use their language skills to communicate when traveling or if they encounter individuals in the US whose language they understand. 

High School and College Prep

Even if your child is not required to learn another language during their K-7 studies, chances are they will be required to take foreign language courses in high school. Some smaller school districts may not have this requirement. However, if your child is planning to go to college, they might have to take a foreign language course or complete a test proving their proficiency to exempt the requirements. Enrollment in a bilingual elementary school can help to prepare them for these important educational milestones.

Maintain Proficiency

When more than one language is learned, continued practice can aid in ensuring retention and proficiency. Enrollment in a bilingual school can help your child to actively exercise vocabulary that they have mastered and encourage them to learn more. This process of building over time can be beneficial to proficiency. This is also ideal for children whose parents want them to learn to speak English as a second language (ESL). The modeling of bilingual schools is designed to teach fluency regardless of the primary language at the time of enrollment.

Flexible Enrollment Options

Today, parents can choose to enroll their children in K-7 virtual bilingual schools. This allows families to access quality education through online dual language immersion schools. It bridges gaps in educational opportunities and makes them available to students in various demographics.

For more information, check out dual-language elementary schools that are near you or are offered online. 

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