Want To Play Hockey? Consider Attending A Boarding School

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Want To Play Hockey? Consider Attending A Boarding School

17 March 2016
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When it comes to your education, there are many factors to keep in mind as you consider possible schools. If you want to not only receive a quality education, but play competitive hockey, then enrolling at a boarding school might be your best option.

Here are three reasons why boarding schools can be beneficial in helping you advance your hockey career in the future.

1. Boarding schools typically have more qualified coaches.

Playing hockey for a boarding school could mean that you will have access to better quality coaching. Public high school teams typically rely on volunteers to fill coaching positions. Because boarding schools receive funding from donations and other private sources, they can usually afford to pay their coaches a salary.

Paid positions create a competitive environment that attracts coaches with experience playing hockey at high levels. If you want to advance your hockey skills, then playing for a salaried coach at a boarding school could be beneficial.

2.  Boarding schools often have quality training facilities.

Having access to quality exercise equipment and workout facilities can be beneficial in helping you build the strength and endurance required to be a competitive hockey player.

Boarding schools take a lot of pride in the winning records of their sports teams, and many former players donate money back to the school to improve sport-specific training facilities and equipment. Rather than having to use a public gym, you will be able to train in a quality facility whenever your schedule allows if you make the choice to play hockey at a boarding school.

3. Hockey programs at boarding schools often have respected reputations.

If you are hoping to play hockey at a higher level (like college or semi-professional), then attending a boarding school could be beneficial. Many boarding schools have spent a lot of time and money establishing reputations as quality hockey programs.

By affiliating yourself with these programs, you give yourself the ability to network with coaches and players at a higher level who will recognize and respect your affiliation. Be sure that you research potential boarding schools to see how many collegiate and professional players got their start at each facility before making a final decision when it comes to enrollment.

Making the choice to attend a boarding school will allow you to enjoy the quality education associated with private institutions, and you will have the opportunity to advance your hockey career with quality coaching, training facilities, and an affiliation with a respected hockey program.

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