3 Reasons Why a Smaller School Can Be Better for Your Child

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3 Reasons Why a Smaller School Can Be Better for Your Child

29 March 2016
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You obviously want to choose the best possible school for your child. You might think that a larger school will be a good thing since the size might indicate more funding. However, in many cases, a smaller school is a better choice for students. These are some of the perks that your child can enjoy if you send him or her to a school with fewer students, such as a private school.

1. Less Overwhelming Environment

Some kids are overwhelmed by a larger school. It can be a bit confusing to try to find the right classroom, the office, the library, or the cafeteria when there is a sprawling campus. Plus, some students have physical limitations that make getting from one place to another in a larger school difficult. A smaller school can be a lot less overwhelming and frightening for your child.

2. More Specialized Learning

Not all students learn in the same way, but teachers that have to teach lots of students at once often can't pay special attention to any particular kid in the class. This is not the case in a smaller classroom setting, where teachers can spend a little more one-on-one time with each student to ensure that they are truly understanding the material. Each student also has more of a chance to get called on in class, to get answers to their questions when they need clarification, and more when there are less students to compete with.

3. Better Communication

In a large school, many kids are just a name and a file to the administrators. Even the teachers don't often get to know their students well when they teach large classes. In a smaller, more intimate setting, however, it is more likely that all of the staff members know each child. This can improve communication between your child, school staff members, and teachers, and it can provide you with better lines of communication with the principal and other key administrators.

As you can see, a smaller school really can be a better option for your child than a school that has a large, sprawling campus and a ton of different students in each class. If you think that your child might benefit from attending a small school, it's a good idea to check out some of the quality education private schools in your area to find out more and to be referred to the parents of some of the children who already attend for their opinions.

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