Making The Transition To Private School: Preparing Your Teenager For Life In The Dorms

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Making The Transition To Private School: Preparing Your Teenager For Life In The Dorms

18 May 2016
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If your child is a teenager and they have decided that they want to attend private boarding school, you can make their transition to private school easier. It's important to remember that they will be leaving all of the comforts of home behind and embarking on a journey that will give them more freedom than they are used to. While there will be plenty of staff to keep your student safe, they will be moving in with other students and living in a much larger community than in your home. To help your student transition to life in a dorm, you can make sure that they have what is most important to them.

Choose Bedding and Pillows Together

Don't just go out and pick out any old comforter set for your teen to take to private school. Take your student out shopping and choose bedding that they love. When they choose their own bedding, they will feel more comfortable when it comes time to set up their room. Pick out some decent throw pillows to give the room a homelike touch. Encourage your student to bring a favorite blanket from home so that something will feel familiar in the room.

Gather Together Family Pictures and Frame Them

While your student isn't going to want to decorate their entire room with family pictures, a few nicely framed pictures will bring a part of home with them to school. Your student will feel more comfortable with pictures of people that love them, even if they act cool about the idea. There's a fine balance between some great family pictures and too many, so try to pick several favorites and frame them.

Teach Them How to Do Laundry

If your student has never touched a washing machine before, you will need to teach them how to do laundry. Sure, they can learn from some of their friends or the staff, but take the time to show your child now before they go to school. This will be one less thing that they have to learn while in a new environment.

Talk About an Allowance and Expectation

Boarding school can be expensive, and living at the school can bring a number of challenges. When your student will need to be on a budget, be clear about the money they will receive every week. Encourage them to budget their money, and to consider how much activities will cost. If your child is truly missing out on important activities because of a low allowance, you can try to adjust it accordingly.

For more information and tips, consider talking with the private school, such as International School of MN, directly.

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