3 Ways To Play A Part In Your Child's Education

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3 Ways To Play A Part In Your Child's Education

30 September 2018
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Sending your child to school is a momentous milestone that means so much to parents. Beginning in kindergarten, a child begins building the foundation of their education, and each year he or she will build upon that foundation as he or she learns more and more. Teachers play a huge role in educating children, but involved parents are also essential. Taking an interest in your child's education and doing what you can to help can go a long way in helping your child thrive, grow, and excel. If you have one or more children in school, consider doing the following things to help:

Read to Your Child

Good reading skills are extremely important for properly leaning and understanding all subjects. It is widely believed that children who have parents who read to them end up having better reading skills in the future. If you have a young student who is just learning reading foundation skills, take the time to read to him or her every day. As your child's reading skills develop encourage him or her to read out loud to you. Encouraging your child to read every day at home will likely lead to much better reading skills.

Volunteer in the Classroom

You and your child's teacher are a team and all parties have your child's best interest in mind. Teachers work incredibly hard to educate all of their students, but one person only has so much time for all of the tasks that need to be completed in the classroom. If you have any free time, whether it is on a weekly basis or a couple of times a year, consider spending an hour or two volunteering in your child's classroom. Your child is sure to love to see you visiting his or her school, and by taking care of classroom tasks, it will give the teacher more time to focus on the needs of each student.

Join the Parent Teacher Association

Schools are often underfunded, so fundraising is necessary to help provide extras, such as tablets or other types of technology, or an improved playground. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) consists of a group of volunteers that work hard to improve the school and build a community. One of the main focuses of the PTA is raising funds to help benefit the students of a school. Since fundraising is such a big effort, most school PTAs appreciate when the parents join and share their ideas. 

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